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On Monday 31.8 we went to watch the second ihmefilmi with the ninth graders, Les vancances de Monsieur Hulot by Jacques Tati. It mostly tells about Mr. Hulots vacation on a beach. Jacques Tati is a very famous director and has made other comedies as well. It was made in 1953. Mr Hulot doesnt talk alot during the movie and he describes his miserable holiday with funny movements and emotions. Mr. Hulot reminded me about Mr. Bean, because they were similar in the way of communicating, Mr. Bean doesnt talk alot and makes funny facial expressions to tell you how his feeling and so did Mr. Hulot. The movie was really random at some parts making the movie really weird and almost disturbing at some points but still that didnt totally ruin the movie. The genre of this movie is definetly comedy. This was a French movie and it was released in 1953. Mr. Hulot was the only main character. The film didnt really affect me but it did make me laugh couple times because Mr. Hulot’s style of communicating was so funny. In general the movie was ok but it would’ve been a lot better without the boring beginning and the disturbing parts. I liked Mr. Hulot’s part in the movie because he made it funny, I didn’t like the beginning in which Mr. Hulot was driving his car for a really long time and the really random parts either. It could be improved by changing the beginning a little bit. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 5 because it was like just in the middle.


On 24.8 we went to watch a movie called Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock and written by John Micheal Hayes. It was done in the USA, 1954. One thing that interested me about this movie was that it was directed by Hitchcock and the reason to this was that I had heard that many critics have said he is one of the world’s best at directing movies. The movie starred James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, Wendell Correy and Raymond Burr who were the main characters of this movie. The film is about L. B. “Jeff” Jefferies stalking at his neighbours doing’s because his leg was injured and he had nothing better to do. When he found something suspicious he started to look even more and more what that person was doing and investigating if he had done a crime. He started to tell Stella (home care nurse) about what he had seen that was suspicious in what Lars Thorwald had been doing. Stella was a little bit shocked at how spooky L.B. was acting and how sneaky he was being at other’s private thing’s. Stella just told him to relax and he better go to sleep during the night then just look at Lars actions. L.B’s girlfriend
Lisa Carol Fremont was even really shocked when L.B. was focusing on his attention at the man rather then her and this got her a little bit upset. L.B. called a fellow friend police sometimes to his house when he tought that Lars was going to give up something that would reveal what he would be doing but this never happened, always when the police came he (Tom Doyle) didn’t beleive him at all etc. In the end L.B. his nurse caretaker and girlfriend finally got evidence but right when Lars noticed that he had been recognized of killing his wife he looked over at the other side of the apartments and noticed L.B. looking at him and he rushed over to his apartment and pushed him down a window but luckily L.B. was catched by fellow police officers. I beleive the author was trying to say that when you beleive something is wrong you should speak out to someone else to try to reveal the whole point but also I think that the author is trying to say that it isn’t ok to spy on people. The film to me personally was really, really boring the first half but when I could start to suspect that Lars was doing something wrong I really started to enjoy the movie and it got more and more exciting towards the end. The film affected me in a way that it is not ok to spy on people and it is just freaky and it started to remind me about some of our school teachers. In general I would have to say that I did like the film because of the exciting end (especially when Lars rushed out to L.B.’s apartment was the most exciting part). I liked the exciting end but I didn’t like the boring beginning because it was the same thing over again: L.B. was looking out and taken a massage from Stella. I thought that the killer did a very good job because he looked really scary and everyone else did a good part too because they acted well. I think it could be improved by making the beginning way more exciting then what it was. From a scale from 1-10 I would give the movie a 6.


Today we had our media lesson and it was very boring. I am not really interested in the topic that we are focusing on this year because we are just going to watch boring looking videos, that are black and white and are really old and that kind of stuff does not interest me. The reason is that I am more interested into modern movies that have more action in them etc. We didnt really do that much so there isnt alot to say.