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Throughout this project I have thought that watching the movies was relaxing because we got to eat snacks and candy. I think watching the movies was kind of fun but doing the blog was at times a huge pain in the rear end, especially when you have to do many at same times when you have forgot to do several of them (this is your own fault of course.) I think that it has been interesting to see these different kind of classical movies because I am personally interested about movies and like to watch different kind of movies. I think my ideas of good movies ranged a little bit from where it used to be. I think I also got some more respect for the western movies that I didnt really like before this project but now I think that they are ok and it is interesting to watch them because they tell about history. I think that even though this term has been quite interesting I would like to do something else next term, maybe something about the real MEDIA and paparazzis taking pictures and all that. I think that the movies were in average good but some of them really honestly sucked like the Swedish movie, Songs from the second floor because of the bad idea and plot and poor making of the movie. I still prefer media as one of my most liked subjects because of the differency that it provides if you compare it to another ordinary subject in school. The MYP question for this projects term: What makes a film classical? is the one I shall be answering right now has many different views on it and has a very wide range of different kind of answers for it. I think that a classical movie is one that is old (like over 50 years old from the modern time) and is still being watched even by the young people. A classical movie should be respected and usually maybe relates to history in a way. I think that usually always a classical movie is a western movie or a romance movie. Also comedy movies can be classical. Comedy movies maybe can not be called classical movies because their lack of seriousness but I still like to think that the ihmefilmi films that we watched that were comedies are classical movies due to the respect they have got from watchers and the critics opinion of them. I think that one movie that you can not think to be a classical movie is the movie Songs from the second floor because me and all my classmates hated that movie. Classical movies are the ones that get you thinking and wondering about your past and the history and get you fascinated from the ideas of the movie.


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  1. Hi again,

    well done, Emppu! Thank you for the reflection and your comments about the project and your wishes. You wrote the reflection very well.

    CRITERION E: 5/6

    Br, Satu

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