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This movie we went to watch yesterday and it was made in 1977 by Risto Jarva in Finland. I think I had more interest for this movie because of it being in Finnish and of course you want to watch a movie that is made in your home country rather then in Sweden or French. This movie had only one main character Kaarlo Vatanen (Antti Litja) but even having one main character it did not make the movie worse because he did such a good job in acting. Vatanen works in a deodorant agency and his work is critizcised by his boss and Vatanen is anyway out of money. He decides to go to a working trip to Jyväskylä and on the way they hit a bunny and he decides to take it and start to live a new life with that bunny. When he gets home his bitching wife is complaining about the unpayed rents and bills and all.  Vatanens view on life is that he can not live a free life because of all he does and what he hasnt done are always stored somewhere. So he goes to a place that store all the personal information on people and he erases all with the name of Vatanen. After this he decides to go to Rovaniemi but he has too much drink and doesnt remember a thing and is soon engaged with some random woman. He ends up in jail and after a short trip there he breaks out. It was a quite funny movie especially in the parts where the guide came to the forest and Vatanen didnt like that so he started saying these normal things he was and the guide get mads it was very funny. It was a good movie and the actor did a very good job in acting. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 7. It also had a very catchy theme song to it that all of our class boys started clapping their hands together to, this probably made it hard for others to watch but it was a very catchy song. The genre, I think must of been drama.


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  1. Hi Eemeli,

    your blog is good! It is easy to read and to look at. And it was nice that you added some pictures in it.

    It was intersting to read about your own feelings and thoughts about the films.

    You forgot to evaluate the blog and the project! That was criterion E about.

    CRITERION D: 4/6
    CRITERION E: 0/6
    CRITERION F: 3/6

    Regards, Satu

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