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This was the next movie and unfortunetly we had missed a movie in between, Singing in the rain; but anyhow on modnday 12.10 we went to watch a movie called Touch of Evil by Orson Welles (USA) in 1958. .  The main actors in this film were Orson Welles as Quinlan, Charlton Heston as Vargas, Janet Leigh as Susan Vargas, and Joseph Calleia as Vargas’s and Quinlans accomplice. This movie tells about a man named Vargas who is called into investigate an explosion that happened. It turns out that the Mexicans are behind this and will do everything in their power from not to get caught.While Vargas is investigating the motel that Susan stays is taken over by a group of gang members, members of the Grande family which Vargas is fighting against. The gang members drug and kidnap Susan, and take her to Grande’s other motel, where Quinlan strangles Grande and frames Susie Vargas for the murder in order to ruin her husband. When Vargas  returns to the motel and discoveres that Susie and Vargas’ gun was gone, Vargas goes to the Grande’s other motel and confronts the young gang punks who attacked his wife in a desperate attempt to learn of Susie’s location. When the punks refuse to answer him,  Vargas beats them up, one at a time. Vargas soon learns that Susie is in the jail. Vargas has no proof that his wife did not commit the murder. Quinlan admits to menzies that he did frame some people and then shoots him, but it doesnt kill menzies, Quinlan is now ready to shoot Vargas, but menzies shoots Quinlan before he shoots Vargas. The movie ends with Vargas leaving town with his wife Susan. The genre of this movie was a mysteric action film because of the fact that you had to and it was almost impossible not to think about how the movie was going to end and you would have to understand it yourself. I think mostly the only good actor was Vargas because of his good acting skills and he was the only realistic actor, even though he did use at times too raw methods to get information out of his rivarlies. The movie though did have some unnecessary boring parts but the beginning was good when the bomb exploded because the camera men did a good job, but in general the movie was all over the place. I would say this movie should be recommended to over 30 year olds who like boring movies. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 4-.


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