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On monday 21.9 we went to watch this movie called Johnny Guitar and it was made in 1954 (USA) by Nicholas Ray. The main actors were Joan Crawford as Vienna, Sterling Hayden as Johnny Guitar, Scott Brady as the “Dancin Kid”, and Mercedes McCambridge as Emma. This was just one of those average western movies that you would definetly not want to see on your free time (at least in this age), even though it had a decent plot it couldve been made into more exciting. The movie tells about a little town near Arizona where a gone crazy and also aggressive saloon keeper who is all about business called Vienna keeps her saloon and is waiting for the rail road to be built near the town because of the little amount of people visiting her saloon and this rail road would bring more people and so she could get more profits. The bad thing about this is that the town people dont like this because they dont want more tourists and they like the town as how it is and dont want it to be modernized. Vienna is a close friend with the dancing kid so is suspected in helping him do criminal activities and an old lover of Viennas comes to her saloon, Johnny Guitar who at least in the beginning seems to be a gentleman and has feelings for Vienna still. A few days pass and the dancing kid robs a bank. The townspeople, which is led by Emma suspect that Vienna is a part of it because she was at the bank at the same time, so they burn down Vienna’s saloon. Johnny and Vienna run to the dancing kids hideout. Emma and the citizens soon find out about their wereabouts and this leads in a duel and the final result was that Vienna shot Emma and Johnny and Vienna escaped the town in search for better days and a more brighter future. The film didnt affect me in any ways, the only way it affected me was I got a little bit freaked out on Vienna because she seemed like such a sharp lady that you do not want to mess with. The actors did a really good job especially Vienna and Johnny. It  could be improved by showing a little bit of Johnnys and Viennas future so there wouldnt be a huge question mark after watching that movie that what happened to them and do they die etc. The film was ok but it had too many boring parts and conversations. From a scale of 1-10 I would give this movie a 5.

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