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On monday 14.9 we went to watch this old classic western movie, a fistfull of dollars. It was made by Sergio Leone in 1964  (Italy). I was very excited to watch this movie right off the bat due to the fact that Clint Eastwood acts in it and he is one of the worlds most respected actors and directors and I am also a fan of his great acting and movies. This movie had also some other great and popular actors such as Gian Maria Volontè, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy, José Calvo and Joseph Egger. The audience is to any group of people who like violence or these old western films, but I think mainly this movie is for the older people because of the sometimes too historical and boring moments. This movie begins with the man with no name coming into a Mexican town called San Miguel. Quickly he is informed of the 2 mafia families that are definetly not friends with each other,  and Joe wants to make a little bit of money so he thinks that he can use this two mafiaso families and work for them. When he gets caught for his criminal activities aganist the other parties enemy he is going to be tortured but escapes with the help of a coffin maker. It turns out that out of the two families, Rojos and Baxters the strongest family was Rojo because after a fight it was the last mafia family left standing. After escaping Joe decides to go back to San Miguel in a devistating duel aganist the Rojos, killing their boss Ramon. When killing many of their people he saves his friend. It was one of the most exciting duels i have ever seen in these western films, and usually the western films are just plain and boring but this one has been the best one yet. The genre of this movie was action. The film did not affect me anyway but maybe just improved my knowledge of a little bit of history and learning how raw people got when it came to business at that time period. I think this is the best one we had seen yet at that point and the actor, Clint Eastwood did a great job again (suprise, suprise). I think that it was ok but it couldve been a little bit more exciting at some parts and maybe even a little bit more action. The plot was good and it made sense.


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