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Throughout this project I have thought that watching the movies was relaxing because we got to eat snacks and candy. I think watching the movies was kind of fun but doing the blog was at times a huge pain in the rear end, especially when you have to do many at same times when you have forgot to do several of them (this is your own fault of course.) I think that it has been interesting to see these different kind of classical movies because I am personally interested about movies and like to watch different kind of movies. I think my ideas of good movies ranged a little bit from where it used to be. I think I also got some more respect for the western movies that I didnt really like before this project but now I think that they are ok and it is interesting to watch them because they tell about history. I think that even though this term has been quite interesting I would like to do something else next term, maybe something about the real MEDIA and paparazzis taking pictures and all that. I think that the movies were in average good but some of them really honestly sucked like the Swedish movie, Songs from the second floor because of the bad idea and plot and poor making of the movie. I still prefer media as one of my most liked subjects because of the differency that it provides if you compare it to another ordinary subject in school. The MYP question for this projects term: What makes a film classical? is the one I shall be answering right now has many different views on it and has a very wide range of different kind of answers for it. I think that a classical movie is one that is old (like over 50 years old from the modern time) and is still being watched even by the young people. A classical movie should be respected and usually maybe relates to history in a way. I think that usually always a classical movie is a western movie or a romance movie. Also comedy movies can be classical. Comedy movies maybe can not be called classical movies because their lack of seriousness but I still like to think that the ihmefilmi films that we watched that were comedies are classical movies due to the respect they have got from watchers and the critics opinion of them. I think that one movie that you can not think to be a classical movie is the movie Songs from the second floor because me and all my classmates hated that movie. Classical movies are the ones that get you thinking and wondering about your past and the history and get you fascinated from the ideas of the movie.

This movie we went to watch yesterday and it was made in 1977 by Risto Jarva in Finland. I think I had more interest for this movie because of it being in Finnish and of course you want to watch a movie that is made in your home country rather then in Sweden or French. This movie had only one main character Kaarlo Vatanen (Antti Litja) but even having one main character it did not make the movie worse because he did such a good job in acting. Vatanen works in a deodorant agency and his work is critizcised by his boss and Vatanen is anyway out of money. He decides to go to a working trip to Jyväskylä and on the way they hit a bunny and he decides to take it and start to live a new life with that bunny. When he gets home his bitching wife is complaining about the unpayed rents and bills and all.  Vatanens view on life is that he can not live a free life because of all he does and what he hasnt done are always stored somewhere. So he goes to a place that store all the personal information on people and he erases all with the name of Vatanen. After this he decides to go to Rovaniemi but he has too much drink and doesnt remember a thing and is soon engaged with some random woman. He ends up in jail and after a short trip there he breaks out. It was a quite funny movie especially in the parts where the guide came to the forest and Vatanen didnt like that so he started saying these normal things he was and the guide get mads it was very funny. It was a good movie and the actor did a very good job in acting. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 7. It also had a very catchy theme song to it that all of our class boys started clapping their hands together to, this probably made it hard for others to watch but it was a very catchy song. The genre, I think must of been drama.

On Monday 30.11. we went to watch a movie called la strada that waas mide by Federico Fellini in Italy, 1954. The main actors were Anthony Quinn, Giluetta Masina and Richard Basehart. This movie tells about a couple going around doing circus tricks to earn some money. The couples names are Young Gelsomina and Zampanó. The only trick I remember seeing in their sircus was that Zampano is putting an iron chain on his chest and flexing his muscles to break it which is showing off his incredible muscle strength. There was another trick and it was Gelsomina playing a song with a trumpet. This couple did have some problems though, Gelsomina starts to complain to Zampano on the poor treatment she is receiving and so she leaves. After a little bit of time Zampano finds her again and they start performing. In one of the circus events a man comes and tries to take Gelsomina to his side and Zampano is a very aggressive person and so he starts punching him and actually kills him on accident. Gelsomina cant get this off her mind and is very unpleased with Zampano and keeps on reminding about this incident to Zampano, then Zampano leaves and later regrets this but he will never get her back. I think this movie was just a little bit lower then average because of the not so pleasing plot and the disturbing, boring moments. I would say that this movie should be from age groups 20- 100. The genre must of been some kind of adventure I think. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 3.

This movie was made in 2000 (Sweden) by Roy Andersson. The main actors in this movie were Lars Nordh, Stefan Larsson, Bengt C.W. Carlsson, Torbjörn Fahlström and Sten Andersson. It was a really boring and weird plot that I would rather not want to talk about, but I will. This movie starts with a man going to work and he gets fired. The man gets really emotional because he has already worked there for 30 years and starts crying which results in his boss walking away. This movie in my opinion was all about sadness because the next guy that they introduced to us was also a sad man, his store was burned (or maybe even burned it himself) and he was in need of insurance money. This movie was weird, bad, disturbing. It had many traffic jams that I didnt know what they were about, then it ended with the guy standing and some zombies going after him which was the weirdest part ever. It was a freaky movie. The genre must of been drama and from 1-10 I would give this movie a -3. I would definetly not advice this movie to any of my age group people because it was such a horrible movie.

On 9.11. we went to watch this movie called Duck Soup and it was made in 1933 by Leo McCarey (USA). Before I start telling any of the plot or actors, I have to state out the jokes in this movie were so funny. This movie starred Groucho Marx as Rufus T. Firefly, Harpo Marx as Pinky, Chico Marx as Chicolini and Zeppo Marx as Lt. Bob Roland. In the beginning of the movie Mrs. Teasdale insists that Rufus T. Firefly would be appointed leader of the small and bankrupt country Freedonia, otherwise she would not give any financial assistance to the country. Meanwhile the neighbouring country sylvania is attempting to take over Freedonia. Chicolini and Pinky are sent to Freedonia. Chicolini gets appointed as secretary of war after Firefly finds him selling peanuts on the street. The two neighbouring countries are moments away from war. Soon enough the lead of Sylvania find out that the war plans are in posession of Mrs. Teasdale and so they send Chicolini and Pinky to steal them. Chicolini and Pinky get dressed up as firefly but get caught for this and they go under trial, and during this time war is declared between these two countries. The leader of Sylvania is caught. The movie ends in Mrs. Teasdale screaming the Freedonia National anthem which results in people throwing fruit on her. I thought that the best actors were Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx because of their funny posture, facial emotions, comments and attitude to everything. The ironic thing about them both being funny, famous and good actors is that they are brothers. I think this movie was hilarious especially in the beginning but then the movie got a little bit too boring. I dont think I would watch this in my own time, the genre of this movie was comedy and I think that it wouldve been better if you wouldve took off the boring parts. Also the end was hilarious. I think that the age group for this movie should be over 15 and no maximum limits because I dont see why the elderly could not watch this but under 15 year old probably would not get the plot and the jokes of this movie. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 6.

On monday 2.11 we went to watch this movie called Dr. Strangelove: how i lerned to stop worrying and love the bomb, it was made in 1964 (USA) by Stanley Kubrick. The main actors in this movie are Peter Sellers as the president, Lionel Madrake (a officer), and as Dr.Strangelove, and Sterling Hayden as Jack Ripper. This movie is war related and it tells about Jack wanting to attack the Soviet Union due to the fact that the Soviet Union is possibly going to attack the States with a conspiracy plan. Captain Mandrake tries to recall the attack but Ripper refuses to give the 3 letter code and locks the two of them in his office. Meanwhile in the war room at The Pentagon, General Buck Turgidson tries to convince the president to eliminate the soviet threat by launching a full scale attack, so most of the soviet nukes would be destroyed before the soviets get to launch them. President Muffley refuses and calls the soviet end on a hotline, and helps them shoot down the US airplains. President Muffley summons Dr.Strangelove a former nazi and a strategy expert. Jack Ripper gives Mandrake the 3-letter code and shoots himself, in fear that he is gonna be tortured. As soon as Mandrake gets out he calls the president to give the code to recall the airplaines. The recall does not go to one airplain, because their radiosystem has been destroyed by an antiaircraft missle. The bomb explodes triggering a doomsday machine. The life on earths surface will be extinct in 10 months, Dr.Strangelove advices the president to put humans inside mineshafts. Suggesting a gender ratio 10 females to 1 male. The film ends in explosive nuclear explosions. I thought that the movie was acceutally quite good because of the clear plot and the funny moments. The funny moments were when the guy was flying the air plane because it was obviously fake and when the guy fell off the airplane. I dont know how this movie could be improved but maybe adding a little bit more excitment to the movie. I thought John did a good job in acting. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 7+.

This was the next movie and unfortunetly we had missed a movie in between, Singing in the rain; but anyhow on modnday 12.10 we went to watch a movie called Touch of Evil by Orson Welles (USA) in 1958. .  The main actors in this film were Orson Welles as Quinlan, Charlton Heston as Vargas, Janet Leigh as Susan Vargas, and Joseph Calleia as Vargas’s and Quinlans accomplice. This movie tells about a man named Vargas who is called into investigate an explosion that happened. It turns out that the Mexicans are behind this and will do everything in their power from not to get caught.While Vargas is investigating the motel that Susan stays is taken over by a group of gang members, members of the Grande family which Vargas is fighting against. The gang members drug and kidnap Susan, and take her to Grande’s other motel, where Quinlan strangles Grande and frames Susie Vargas for the murder in order to ruin her husband. When Vargas  returns to the motel and discoveres that Susie and Vargas’ gun was gone, Vargas goes to the Grande’s other motel and confronts the young gang punks who attacked his wife in a desperate attempt to learn of Susie’s location. When the punks refuse to answer him,  Vargas beats them up, one at a time. Vargas soon learns that Susie is in the jail. Vargas has no proof that his wife did not commit the murder. Quinlan admits to menzies that he did frame some people and then shoots him, but it doesnt kill menzies, Quinlan is now ready to shoot Vargas, but menzies shoots Quinlan before he shoots Vargas. The movie ends with Vargas leaving town with his wife Susan. The genre of this movie was a mysteric action film because of the fact that you had to and it was almost impossible not to think about how the movie was going to end and you would have to understand it yourself. I think mostly the only good actor was Vargas because of his good acting skills and he was the only realistic actor, even though he did use at times too raw methods to get information out of his rivarlies. The movie though did have some unnecessary boring parts but the beginning was good when the bomb exploded because the camera men did a good job, but in general the movie was all over the place. I would say this movie should be recommended to over 30 year olds who like boring movies. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 4-.

On monday 21.9 we went to watch this movie called Johnny Guitar and it was made in 1954 (USA) by Nicholas Ray. The main actors were Joan Crawford as Vienna, Sterling Hayden as Johnny Guitar, Scott Brady as the “Dancin Kid”, and Mercedes McCambridge as Emma. This was just one of those average western movies that you would definetly not want to see on your free time (at least in this age), even though it had a decent plot it couldve been made into more exciting. The movie tells about a little town near Arizona where a gone crazy and also aggressive saloon keeper who is all about business called Vienna keeps her saloon and is waiting for the rail road to be built near the town because of the little amount of people visiting her saloon and this rail road would bring more people and so she could get more profits. The bad thing about this is that the town people dont like this because they dont want more tourists and they like the town as how it is and dont want it to be modernized. Vienna is a close friend with the dancing kid so is suspected in helping him do criminal activities and an old lover of Viennas comes to her saloon, Johnny Guitar who at least in the beginning seems to be a gentleman and has feelings for Vienna still. A few days pass and the dancing kid robs a bank. The townspeople, which is led by Emma suspect that Vienna is a part of it because she was at the bank at the same time, so they burn down Vienna’s saloon. Johnny and Vienna run to the dancing kids hideout. Emma and the citizens soon find out about their wereabouts and this leads in a duel and the final result was that Vienna shot Emma and Johnny and Vienna escaped the town in search for better days and a more brighter future. The film didnt affect me in any ways, the only way it affected me was I got a little bit freaked out on Vienna because she seemed like such a sharp lady that you do not want to mess with. The actors did a really good job especially Vienna and Johnny. It  could be improved by showing a little bit of Johnnys and Viennas future so there wouldnt be a huge question mark after watching that movie that what happened to them and do they die etc. The film was ok but it had too many boring parts and conversations. From a scale of 1-10 I would give this movie a 5.

On monday 14.9 we went to watch this old classic western movie, a fistfull of dollars. It was made by Sergio Leone in 1964  (Italy). I was very excited to watch this movie right off the bat due to the fact that Clint Eastwood acts in it and he is one of the worlds most respected actors and directors and I am also a fan of his great acting and movies. This movie had also some other great and popular actors such as Gian Maria Volontè, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy, José Calvo and Joseph Egger. The audience is to any group of people who like violence or these old western films, but I think mainly this movie is for the older people because of the sometimes too historical and boring moments. This movie begins with the man with no name coming into a Mexican town called San Miguel. Quickly he is informed of the 2 mafia families that are definetly not friends with each other,  and Joe wants to make a little bit of money so he thinks that he can use this two mafiaso families and work for them. When he gets caught for his criminal activities aganist the other parties enemy he is going to be tortured but escapes with the help of a coffin maker. It turns out that out of the two families, Rojos and Baxters the strongest family was Rojo because after a fight it was the last mafia family left standing. After escaping Joe decides to go back to San Miguel in a devistating duel aganist the Rojos, killing their boss Ramon. When killing many of their people he saves his friend. It was one of the most exciting duels i have ever seen in these western films, and usually the western films are just plain and boring but this one has been the best one yet. The genre of this movie was action. The film did not affect me anyway but maybe just improved my knowledge of a little bit of history and learning how raw people got when it came to business at that time period. I think this is the best one we had seen yet at that point and the actor, Clint Eastwood did a great job again (suprise, suprise). I think that it was ok but it couldve been a little bit more exciting at some parts and maybe even a little bit more action. The plot was good and it made sense.

On monday 7.9 we went to watch this movie and it was made by Francois Truffaut. It was made in the year 1959. The movie was spoken in French. The main chacter was a young school boy, Antonie Doinel (acting as Antonie Jean-Pierre Leaud) and it tells about him getting into trouble at school and his teacher is punishing him bad and life at home isnt going well at all either. Antonie finds out that his mother has an affair with an other man than his dad but they had a deal that if Antonie will not tell his dad, he will get money but only if he gets good grades from school. The author’s point was to show parents that you shouldnt be hard on your children because when they are not doing well at school they need some support and if they dont receive it they start doing other stupid stuff thinking that they are worthless. Like for an example Antonie ends up on the streets and gets expelled from school. I think that this movie’s genre that it can be classified into is a family drama. The main character was Antonie Doinel and a side character was Antonies parents and his best friend René Bigey. The film affected me in thinking about how some parents can be really horrible and teachers too. The film was a sad movie because of Antonie having a miserable life and the black and white colors added to that because they are both sad colors. I thought that up to this point this was the only movie that I had fully understood that what had happened. There wasnt anything in particular that I disliked about the movie but I thought that Antonie did a great job of acting. The colors should be changed into colorfull so the movie might be more exciting. The cool thing about this is that Francois has used Antonie in many other movies as a fictional character who is not really alive. At the end Antonie gets sent to a bad boys camp for stealing a typewriter. From 1-10 I would give this movie a 6 because it was just above all the other we have watched up to this point.